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Small collection of Bee’s many outfits.

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Death in the Mango Grove, by Alexander Vidal.

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Oh hey tumblr, sorry I dropped off the map. I got hit by a perfect storm of commissions, moving into a house, going on vacations, adopting a new cat, hitting the gym real hard, and lending my tablet to a friend, so I’ve really only had time for random sketchbook stuff. So here are some sketches to show I’m not dead yet.

If you want to keep track of all my whereabouts like a creep, you can find me making semi regular TWEETS and REBLOGS when I don’t have time to draw tons of stuff. 

Going to Iceland next week, so I can’t imagine I’ll be super productive again anytime soon, BUT THAT’S OKAY :>

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super quick doodles for practice and chillout! 

drawn from parkour and tricking videos <3

Really nice movement studies!

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Ohne dish…

Going thru some of my unprocessed photos.. and there are… a.. few..

And for the ears.. —> Rammstein - Ohne dish

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Need more variation….! Quick little break doodles every now and then from the monitor, otherwise my eyes will tire out a lot faster. 

It might be a while before I have any fleshed out digital posts, so I’ll keep my blog alive with sketchbook draws every now and then! Adult life is busy @__@;; 

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